The Cookies Kush Experience: A Blend of Opposing Sensations

Cookies Kush delivers a potent head high that balances a relaxing body effect with a lifted mood. With a strong kush taste lightened by sweet lime and pungency, it features aromas of granny smith apple. The buds are olive green with minty green patches and fiery orange hairs, coated in trichomes filled with resin.

The Cookies Kush effect

The Cookies Kush high brings together two contrasting sensations that build as the high continues. It starts with an immediate sedation that can make you feel lethargic and cause dry and red eyes. While settling into this phase, you may feel lightheaded and energetic, with racing thoughts. Despite the relaxed feeling, you can still function if needed.

Medically, Cookies Kush has a lot of benefits, including being a powerful sedative, mood booster, and treatment for chronic stress, depression, and bipolar. It is also great for pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia, as it causes drowsiness during the come down. However, it can also worsen paranoia or anxiety in some users, and cause side effects such as red eyes, dry mouth, cottonmouth, and munchies.

Growing Cookies Kush

Growing Cookies Kush is not too difficult for intermediate or experienced growers, but it requires warm, temperate climates. It has a high yield, with plants averaging 1.5 to 3 feet in height. While it is part of the Cookies family, it surprises users with its lack of classic cookie flavor. Instead, it is known for its mind-bending effect that blurs the lines between indica and sativa.



In order to access you need to be 20 years or older.