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A reliable supply of high quality, low priced cannabis products is critical to the success of your cannabis business. Whether you're managing a small cannabis shop or a chain of franchises, you can rely on the Ganjacy app for instant access to a mighty inventory of 20 different strains, and highest grade cannabis products such as oils and edibles. At your fingertips 24/7.

What else is great, apart from hassle free ordering, top quality and bottom prices you ask? How about our low minimum order quantities (MOQ) of just 1oz!  Re-imagine your business potential now, and get ready to make your customers smile tomorrow. Sign up and get instant access to the wholesale cannabis catalog, and let us welcome you to the network.

Our commitment to quality and service

Ganjacy supplies Thai businesses with organic flowers from professional growers of international (even award winning) allure.

Use your Ganjacy business account to to access the entire wholesale catalog anytime from your phone or computer, and conveniently order online.


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In order to access you need to be 20 years or older.