Ganjacy wholesale cannabis supply


A reliable supply of high-quality, low-priced cannabis products is critical to the success of your business. Whether you're managing a small shop or a chain of franchises, the Ganjacy app gives you access to a mighty inventory of more than 20 cannabis strains and the highest-grade cannabis products, like oils and edibles.

  • Order high-quality cannabis products from your phone or computer
  • Ordering is easy, fast, and at very low prices for even the smallest orders.
  • Creating a business account is quick and free, and gives instant access to the wholesale catalog.


Our commitment to quality and service

Ganjacy supplies Thai businesses with organic cannabis products from professional growers of international (often award-winning) allure.

Wholesale accounts have access to an extended catalog with multiple exclusive strains.

All legally required documents are supplied with each delivery.

Same-day delivery or same-day shipping is available for all orders.

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In order to access you need to be 20 years or older.