• A close-up picture of Lemon Kush
  • A close-up picture of Lemon Kush
  • A close-up picture of Lemon Kush
  • A close-up picture of Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush 1 g

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THB 499.00

An excellent strain with a nice flavor that stimulates conversation.


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About Lemon Kush

The compound D-Limonene (Terpene), naturally occurring in citrus fruits, brings the lemon-like scent and taste to this excellent strain called Lemon Kush. It has beneficial anti-inflammatory effects on the body, alongside the pleasant and light bodily relaxation it brings after 10 minutes or so of consumption. It is excellent for sharing in social settings as it stimulates conversation and when embarking on artistic endeavors.


Creative block

Common effects

Increased focus







Sativa-heavy strains offer a more energizing high whereas Indica dominant strains tend to produce a sense of physical relaxation.

High THC levels produce more potent effects. Typical levels start at 15% and rarely exceed 25%. The natural limit is 35%.

CBD's effects are non-intoxicating and partially inhibit some of THC's sedating potency. CBD, apart from its health benefits, promotes relaxation and mental clarity.

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