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Nepalese Hashish 1 g

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A rare hash cultivated all around Nepal. Considered the best of all hash types, this black and brown godess will put you in very high spirits.


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About Nepalese Hashish

Nepal produces arguably the very best hash in the world. With its black exterior and a sweet, aromatic soft-brown inside, it hits hard with a bodily high.

Good Nepalese hash kneads easily at room temperature and is often ball shaped, a form referred to as "Temple balls".


Creative block

Common effects




Sativa-heavy strains offer a more energizing high whereas Indica dominant strains tend to produce a sense of physical relaxation.

High THC levels produce more potent effects. Typical levels start at 15% and rarely exceed 25%. The natural limit is 35%.

CBD's effects are non-intoxicating and partially inhibit some of THC's sedating potency. CBD, apart from its health benefits, promotes relaxation and mental clarity.

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