Cannabinoid profile for Apes In Space-Black Ape
Sativa Hybrid

A Black Ape Cannabis bud from

Apes In Space-Black Ape is a rare and exotic hybrid strain that offers a cosmic experience with its enchanting aroma, vibrant colors, and potent effects, providing a euphoric and relaxing journey for both novice and experienced cannabis users.

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Introducing Big Bud Dispensary's Apes In Space-Black Ape Cannabis buds! This rare, premium strain is an indica-dominant hybrid bred for its heavy-hitting effects that last for hours. Grown in the rugged terrain of British Columbia, this strain is made up of genetics from Mixed Sativa and Indica. With a pungent, sweet, and earthy flavor, the Black Ape Cannabis buds have a unique taste that is both smooth and mellow. Enjoy an uplifting, euphoric high with a relaxed body sensation that will help you unwind and chill. Get your hands on Big Bud Dispensary's Apes In Space-Black Ape Cannabis buds today and experience the power of this potent strain!