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Discover the invigorating Mandarin strain, a hybrid with a citrusy flavor profile and potent effects that eliminate stress, uplift the mood, inspire creativity, alleviate pain, and combat fatigue. Ideal for daytime use, Mandarin is a perfect choice for artistic endeavors and social activities, providing a burst of creative inspiration and a mood-enhancing boost.

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Introducing Happy Smile Cannabis Cafe Pattaya's Mandarin strain of cannabis buds. This unique strain is characterized by its strong sweet taste and pleasant citrus aroma, providing an ideal balance between an energizing and calming effect. Whether you're looking for a mellow, relaxing experience or an energizing boost, this strain is sure to provide the perfect balance. With its high THC levels, Mandarin is known to provide powerful and long lasting effects, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a long-lasting solution. Enjoy this strain today at Happy Smile Cannabis Cafe Pattaya and experience the powerful effects of Mandarin!

Mandarin is an exceptional strain that captivates the senses with its irresistible blend of citrusy flavors and potent effects. Classified as a sativa-dominant hybrid, Mandarin is the result of crossing Herijuana with Orange Skunk, resulting in a unique and invigorating experience. With a sweet and tangy aroma reminiscent of fresh oranges, this strain boasts vibrant orange pistils and dense, resinous buds. Mandarin eliminates stress and uplifts the mood with its euphoric and energizing qualities, making it ideal for daytime use. Its cerebral effects inspire creativity and focus, perfect for artistic endeavors or engaging in social activities. Additionally, this strain offers relief from chronic pain, migraines, and fatigue, while stimulating appetite and combating nausea. Whether you seek a burst of creative inspiration or a mood-enhancing boost, Mandarin is an enticing choice for cannabis enthusiasts.