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Jealousy is an exquisite sativa-dominant strain that boasts an impressive lineage – a potently enticing cross between Amnesia Haze and OG Kush. With a THC content that hovers around 20-22%, this captivating herb offers an energizing and uplifting experience that excites both the mind and body. The bright green buds are generously coated in glistening trichomes, emphasizing the strain's potency and overall appeal. Jealousy's aroma is a delightful fusion of earthy pine and zesty citrus, creating a refreshing and invigorating scent profile. The effects are characterized by a blissful cerebral buzz that sparks creativity, enhances focus, and uplifts the spirit, making it an ideal choice for artistic endeavors or social gatherings. The heady euphoria is complemented by a gentle body relaxation that alleviates tension and stress, leaving users in a state of tranquil bliss. Whether you seek inspiration or simply want to unwind, Jealousy is a versatile strain that offers a truly remarkable cannabis experience.

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