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White Truffle is an enchanting indica-dominant strain known for its exceptional potency and captivating aroma. With deeply relaxing effects, this illustrious flower is cherished by both seasoned and novice enthusiasts alike. A cross between the luscious White and the potent White Truffle, this strain has a reputation for inducing a blissful state of tranquility and euphoria. Its dense buds showcase a stunning frosty white trichome coating, reminiscent of its namesake. Delighting the senses with its earthy and sweet aroma, White Truffle entices with notes of fresh soil, pine, and a subtle hint of citrus. Best enjoyed during evenings or lazy weekends, this strain unwinds tension, melts away stress, and promotes a deep sense of calm. Whether seeking relief from chronic pain, insomnia, or simply longing for peaceful relaxation, White Truffle is the perfect therapeutic companion.

Indica Hybrid
Sativa %
THC Avg.
CBD Avg.

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