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An absolute Ganjacy favorite. White widow is the Sativa of choice for those seeking relaxation and creativity. A very mild high makes this flower a great choice for beginners or those who don't seek an all too overwhelming effect.
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在THC和CBD Pharmacy Cafe(又名Candyland)上體驗兩種世界的最佳享受!這款混合大麻蕾絲具有Sativa和Indica品種的力量,帶給您平衡、令人振奮的高度。White Widow具有強大的THC含量,範圍為18-25%,以及1-2%的中等CBD含量。它具有濃郁的刺激性泥土香氣,帶有甜美的底調,吸入時柔和順滑。White Widow是那些追求充滿活力和頭腦清晰的高度的人的最愛,非常適合治療壓力、憂鬱和疲勞。立即從THC和CBD Pharmacy Cafe訂購White Widow,體驗其獨特而令人振奮的效果!

White Widow, a High Times Cannabis Cup winner, is one of the most famous marijuana strains in the world. White widow is a well-balanced hybrid that was first bred in the Netherlands. It stimulates creativity and conversation and its genetics have spawned many offshoots. It is Sativa dominant and packs a very potent effect.