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An absolute Ganjacy favorite. White widow is the Sativa of choice for those seeking relaxation and creativity. A very mild high makes this flower a great choice for beginners or those who don't seek an all too overwhelming effect.
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Smokers Beach Club is proud to offer White Widow Cannabis buds. This is one of the most popular cannabis strains available, renowned for its potent effects and pungent flavor. White Widow buds are known for their dense buds, covered with a thick layer of crystal trichomes, giving them a white appearance. These buds provide a powerful combination of physical relaxation and mental stimulation, perfect for those looking for a well-rounded experience. White Widow buds are sought after for their strong aroma and taste, with notes of pine, citrus, and earth. Buy White Widow buds from Smokers Beach Club today to experience the unique power of this classic strain.

White Widow, a High Times Cannabis Cup winner, is one of the most famous marijuana strains in the world. White widow is a well-balanced hybrid that was first bred in the Netherlands. It stimulates creativity and conversation and its genetics have spawned many offshoots. It is Sativa dominant and packs a very potent effect.